Simple-Media releases Bowin v1.0.1

Making Music

Bowin uses a mix of analogue synthesis and physical modelling to recreate the sound of bowed strings. Covering a range of instruments and playing styles Bowin offers a level of control that is not possible with sample based instruments, is easy to use and has a warm natural character that makes it ideal for a wide range of musical genres. It can recreate both solo and ensemble instruments and has a number of controls to alter the tonal quality and playing style. Features include:

* control over bows and strings
* control over body size
* various controls for playing style
* responds to mod wheel, velocity, pitchbend and aftertouch to provide play dynamics
* easy to use
* natural and expressive sound
* demo version is two note polyphonic and sound drops every 45 seconds or so
* full version available for purchase with six note polyphony and no sound dropouts.

It should be noted that CPU usage is quite high with this one and a minimum 1.2GHz processor is recommended.

Price: £10