Sinevibes Gateboy 1.1.0

From the homepage:
I am announcing the Gateboy 1.1 release which is due soon. Some new stuff has been added: the sequencer now has a "swing" function (also known as shuffle), which is adjustable, so now Gateboy can produce a wider variety of gate patterns and can also slice shuffled loops (such as house and hip hop). Very few step sequencers feature swing, so we hope you enjoy it in Gateboy!

All Gateboy 1.1.0 changes:

* New step sequencer envelope shape: dip (falling and rising, shapable)
* Variable “swing” function in step sequencer
* Reset buttons for sequencer sliders and switches
* Sequencer sliders and switches now get disabled according to sequence length
* New factory patches

Gateboy is an advanced gate sequencer which allows you to modulate the audio level in many interesting ways. It features a unique pattern composer with variable rate, length and smoothness. Each of the pattern’s steps, which has level and bypass controls, triggers a flexible envelope generator with adjustable shape and time. Thanks to such immense configurability, Gateboy is capable of a very wide variety of effects - from complex trancegates and intricate rhythmic sequences to expressive beat slicing and beyond. Read more.