Sinevibes - Space Oscillator 1.1.0

Making Music

From the homepage:
I am announcing the Space Oscillator release that we'll be releasing very shortly. There is some fun new stuff that you will surely enjoy ;-)

First is the "Polyshaper" effect block which is basically one of the most delicious algorithms from Transformer, but it is applied to each oscillator voice individually for some very lush sounds.

Next is we've added the swing function in the sequencer, it's variable and can add subtle shuffle or make it really groove. Plus there is a new elementary envelope shape: "dip".

All Space Oscillator 1.1.0 changes:

* Improved user interface with new graphics
* New effect: polyphonic waveshaper
* New step sequencer envelope shape: dip (falling and rising, shapable)
* Variable “swing” function in step sequencer
* Output level control
* Sequencer sliders and switches now get disabled according to sequence length
* New factory patches

Sinevibes is pleased to announce Space Oscillator Audio Unit plug-in for Mac OS X, which is a unique combination of a synthesizer and a sound processor. At it’s core, it has a unison oscillator with a spacious stereo sound, that can react to incoming audio in many exciting ways and is simultaneously controllable by a flexible step sequencer. Combined with many other interesting audio shaping tools, Space Oscillator allows to create new sonic textures with a lot of original character and attitude.

Intergalactic strums, droid speech, organic synth and bass lines, old-school game boy sounds, rhythmic zaps and noises, extreme lo-fi glitches and much more - all now easily possible with what Space Oscillator veils under it’s intuitive interface.
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