Soundhack - Spectral Shapers 1.23

From the homepage:
"I have just released a new version of SoundHack Spectral Shapers. The main update this release are new versions of the Windows plugins for both VST and RTAS. Also, the Windows plugins no longer rely on QuickTime to run."

"Also new in this version, automation problems in RTAS and VST have been fixed as well as a problem where plugins wouldn't automate in RTAS when the window is closed."

The four plugins in the Spectral Shapers bundle are filters which reshape the timbre of sound: +spectralcompand, a spectral version of a compressor/expander which can be used for broadband noise reduction; +spectralgate, a multi-band noise gate and ducker; +morphfilter, which morphs between two filter settings that can be drawn or learned; and +binaural, a spatialization plug-in optimized for headphone use. Read more about Spectral Shapers.