Toontrack Music - EZplayer Free (Pc/Mac/Universal/Free)

Making Music

• Showcases the simplicity of the MIDI handling found in dfh EZdrummer.
• Works as a Universal Binary compatible plugin in RTAS, VST and AU formats.
• Lets you organize, preview and audition all your MIDI with the drum sampler of your choice (compatible with all the major formats on the market).
• Contains a number of free drum MIDI files at download.
• Installs and reads the MIDI from the Toontrack EZX:s, EZdrummer expansion packs. You can only access the MIDI from the EZX's from within EZplayer Free. To be able to access the sounds you must own and install EZdrummer.
• Lets you search and buy MIDI content on the internet from the third party content providers listed in the interface.
• Is free on registering a user account at
• Is the preview of EZplayer. EZplayer will boast even more functionality for players and producers and will be released in the course of the spring of 2007 through all of Toontracks distributors.

Making Music

From the homepage:
EZplayer and EZplayer Free in general
EZplayer Free is the latest in Toontrack product development and is, to start with, a MIDI bridge, organizer and wrapper between different drum sampler formats. Later in spring EZplayer in its full version will be unveiled and released.
It will boast further functionality for performers as well as composers. EZplayer will be available through all Toontrack's distributors.

So what is EZplayer Free?
EZplayer Free is the MIDI browser from Toontrack's dfh EZdrummer and it showcases the MIDI handling capabilities of EZdrummer. It lets you add, catalogue, audition and use your MIDI files with your favorite drum sampler.

How do I use EZplayer Free?
You simply connect EZplayer Free to the track in your host to which you´ve assigned your drum sampler, using the MIDI OUT function (check the manual found in the help menu in the EZplayer Free interface for specific procedure in different hosts). Then use the browser and play buttons in EZplayer Free to browse through the MIDI and audition it through your drum sampler. When you find a MIDI track that you like, simply drag it into your host to start building a drum track.

Will EZplayer Free work with any drum sampler?
Yes, EZplayer Free in its basic mode works in GM standard but if you have a sampler that uses another mapping (dfh Superior for example), you simply click the mapping menu found in the top edge of the EZplayer Free interface and pick the product that you´re using. Now the MIDI files in EZplayer Free are adjusted to the chosen mapping.
A preliminary list of supported sampler mappings are: DFH-S, EZD, DFH 1&2, Strike, BFD and GM.
More to come at a later date.

What does EZplayer Free cost?
Nothing. The only thing you have to do, is register a user account with Toontrack using a valid E-mail adress, activate the account and download EZplayer Free. EZplayer Free also comes with a number of free MIDI files for drums.

Can I use my old MIDI files with EZplayer Free?
Of course, just select the User MIDI entry in the help menu in the EZplayer Free interface and add your old MIDI files in the folder revealed. Now your MIDI files and folder structure inside the user MIDI show up in the browser of EZplayer Free - ready to be auditioned, dragged and dropped into your host.

Where can I get more MIDI files for EZplayer Free?
Either purchase any of the Toontrack EZdrummer EZX expansion packs and install on your computer. The MIDI files included will show up in your EZplayer Free browser automatically. You can also scroll to Content Delivery in the help menu in the EZplayer Free interface to find weblinks to third party content delivery sites.