TSW Pro VST / TSW Pro 4.9 GB VST


TSW "The Second Wave Pro" VST is an advanced 2.1 GB Sample Library w/900+ Presets soundtool based on the wusik-engine. Low CPU usage, 4 layers, 2 wavesequencers, 2 FX, multi-timbral.
The wusik-engine is a great sampleplayer and synthesizer and in good tradition with the neoclassic Korg Wavestation. And "The Second Wave Pro" VST, based on the wusik-engine, is the perfect sample source to create those typical moving sounds as well as new and unheard sounds. We´ve selected the suitable groups and categories and filled them with many multisamples and one-shot samples from our large archive and many of them are extra produced for "The Second Wave Pro". So this VST is a step ahead providing a huge instruments, sound effects and waveform library: the total amount of this sample content is 2.1 GBs with more than 3000 multisamples/samples.

The sample library includes acoustic instruments like Grand Piano, Strings, Guitars, Plucked Instruments, Electric Instruments like Organ, E-Piano and Clavinet, E-Guitar and E-Basses as well as Electronic Instruments with samples taken from analog Synthesizers (Minimoog, Oberheim OB8, Alesis Andromeda, Roland Jupiter 6, Korg MonoPoly etc.) as well as digitals (Yamaha DX7, Ensoniq VFX, Korg Z1, etc.) plus Vocals, Human Choirs, Vocoders and Drums and Percussions. As extra sections there are Ambient Scenes, Orchestral Scenes, Loops and Sound Effects.

New: TSW Pro V2 update package with 80+ MB samples available. Free of charge for registered TSW Pro customers!

New: TSW Pro 4.9 GB VST, the extended version with a very huge sample library content for a reasonable price. The total workstation for modern musicians.

TSW Pro: EUR 129.00
TSW Pro 4.9 GB: EUR 259.00