VirSyn - POSEIDON 1.01


News in POSEIDON 1.01


- Key trigger modes for envelopes: normal, reset and single.
- 64 new presets (only available in the sales version !)


- Intel based Macs: Problem with Multiprocessor fixed.
- Ableton Live: crashes on MIDI program change.
- Effect settings didn't reload correctly with some hosts.
- Menu texts showed up very slowly sometimes.
- Mac stand alone version: Interface disappeared if clicked outside POSEIDON.

Users of POSEIDON get the e-mail notification with the download links and the additional presets automatically.

A fully functional demo version (20 hours of use /30 days) is available.

At first sight POSEIDON looks like a simple structured analog “Oscillator-Filter” synthesizer with all controls visible at once. This gives POSEIDON the ease of use with nearly no learning curve. The real power is working under the hood: The oscillator is nothing less than the award winning spectral modelling sound generator of CUBE. The variable slope Filter is a completely new design based on our unique F-domain synthesis.

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