Zynewave - Podium 1.84

# The mixer can be configured to show master chain and bus return tracks in separate docked panels. In the mixer region properties dialog you can select whether the panels should be docked to the left or right side.

# Added "hide scrollbar when tracks fit in view" option to the mixer region properties dialog.

# Removed the "compact chained audio tracks" option from the mixer view menu. The ongoing changes to the mixer makes this option obsolete.

# Added a menu button to the parameter panel in the track inspector. The menu has a "New MIDI Parameter" submenu listing default MIDI parameters. This can be used as shortcut for creating parameter objects that are supported by the device.

# Added "show clock times above bar numbers" option to the timeline ruler region properties. The font size used to show the clock times depends on the region height. Setting a height of at least 32 pixels will use the largest font.

Podium offers a unique hierarchic mixing engine that integrates audio recording, VST plugins and external MIDI and audio gear. Configuration of plugins and external hardware are encapsulated in an object based project structure, which hides the technical complexities when you want to focus on musical inspiration.

Advanced features includes 64-bit mixing, multiprocessor support, surround sound, integrated sound editor, preset librarian and spline curve automation of plugin, MIDI and mixer parameters. The number of supported devices, plugins, tracks, channels and mixer busses are practically unlimited. All this is presented in a stylish and customizable user interface.

Development concentrates on quality and stability. Software updates are released frequently and are planned with the involvement of the user community.

All this for only 90US$.
Read more about Podium here.