AcousModules - Elasticometre

Granular Time stretcher / Pitch shifter / Slicer-looper

- integrated 16 and 24 bits integrated wav file player
- eight granular processors in series allowing the time-stretching and the pitch-shifting
- two dimensional gesture controllers : size + speed and size + height
- “Detune” function for spread the eight grains over up to 5 octaves
- a modulator with complexes waveforms and dynamic morphing
- two standard modulators, which one can control the morphing parameter of modulator 1
- modulation of the size, speed, height and detuning of the grains as well as the X / Y position of the “megapan”
+ “spatializer” and keyboard command
- CPU consumption : medium

Version 1.0h : introductory price 10 euros