AcousModules - Polyfragmenteur

Slicer / granular processor

- 16 and 24 bits stereo files player
- playing in streaming from the disc : no theoretical limit of duration (tested with more than two hour files…)
- slicing of the left and right channels in two times sixteen fragments
- control the speed of splicing by an internal clock, the tempo (host or tap tempo) or MIDI notes
- simple ADSR envelope for the shape of the fragments
- multimode filter
- displacement at variable speed in the file according to ten curves
- random variation of the position, pitch and filtering
Spatializer : twelve memories of independent configurations can be recalled at any time
Gesture controller section :
- minimum and maximum values for each parameter
- controlled parameters : file position, pitch, filter, speed of the internal clock, envelope Decay and Release
- CPU consumption : medium to high

Version 1.0f : introductory price 10 euros