Acousmodules - Surroundizer v1.1 (Pc/Free/Pro)


Stereo to surround spatialization :
Common features :
- activation and free 2D position of up to eight speakers, compatible with all surround settings up to 7.1 and octophony (8.0)
- mono or stereo input
- graphic 2D representation space
- connexions according to the ITU/SMPTE standard
Three spatialization sections : Cinetic, Spectral and "LCRS"
- variable mix of the three section and the reverberation
- separate spatial area and amplitude curve
Cinetic section :
- analysis of the main frequency (pitch tracker) and the intensity (volume tracker) of the two input channels
- modulation of the X/Y position of the two inputs according to the analyzed signal : center position, amplitude of the movement and smoothness
- each channel tracker can control the X or Y position of the two inputs
- manual mode for use like any surround module and host automations
Spectral section :
- division of the two inputs signals in four frequency bands with three variable crossover filters
- each frequency band can be freely positioned (and automated !) inside the 2D space
- intensity settings for each band / channel
"LCRS" section :
- surround simulation of the same sort than Dolby ProLogic, the result can be very different according to the kind of audio inputs (5 channels only)...
Plus :
- stereo reverberation (based on Freeverb) with spatial position of the two channels
- individual delay and phase settings for the four surround channels ( 5 to 8)
- parametric filters for the center and the surround channels
- optional bass management for the fourth channel
- pre-assigned MIDI controller for easy use with a control surface
- 128 patchs
- inline help
Applications : automatic movements, complex spatial envelopments, spectral effects, creative upmixing...
Freeware version : full featured, no time limit, but it works only in 4.0 mode (no Center and LFE channels, no 7/8 outputs).

Price: 18 euros