apulSoft - apTrigga2 v2.3.2

Music Making Software

Version 2.3.2
– Less dll dependencies for the windows version.
– apTrigga2 now has installers.
– Fixed a bug in the AU version that was preventing loading of old presets.
– Fixed compatibility with OSX older than 10.3.9


- Audio plugin for Mac OS X (VST/AU) and Windows (VST)
- Triggers mono & stereo samples by analyzing
audio signals.
- ZERO samples trigger latency.
- prev/next sample buttons to scan through folders.
- powerful multi sample modes with dynamical
sample selection and crossfading
- The triggered samples can be modulated by level,
by pitch and by a low pass filter.
- Drag'n drop support for aif, wav & sd2 sample files.
- Midi-Input, can be used as a midi sample player.
- Includes spikeGen, a spike pattern generator
System Requirements (mac osx)

- PPC or intel mac (Universal binary)
- A VST(mach-o) or AU host
- Your own samples to trigger (.wav, .aif or .sd2)
- Mac OS X 10.2.6 or better, 10.3 recommended

System Requirements (windows)

- A VST host
- Samples to trigger
- win 98 SE or better, win 2000 recommended

Price: EUR 35.00 / USD 51.60