AraldFX - StormGate1 beta 2 (Pc/Mac/Universal/Free)


What's new in Stormgate1 beta 2:

* Pattern chaining
* Pattern indicator showing which pattern is playing
* Follow mode: selects automatically chained patterns when played
* Simplified and more effective synchronization options
* Precise synchronization to every host
* Accurate synchronization (seeking and looping in host) even in presence of long chained pattern sequences
* Heavy CPU optimizations (less than 1.5% on our Athlon XP 3700+)
* Pure trigger mode can now be simulated by setting snap to OFF and chaining a pattern to an empty one

Bug fixes:

* Rare crash corrected when using the "smooth full" functions
* Occasional clicks when switching pattern or the host was set in loop mode
* Installation conflicts with DKS pro solved (OSX only)
* Corrected minor bugs with the drawing tools

Read more about StormGate here.