de la Mancha - Erratic 1.3 (Pc/Free)


update history
v1.3 adds 18/20/22/28 steps, 5/4,7/4,9/2,11/2 time sigs, adjustable tempo, midi CC control of triggers, midi note references, rock drum samples and new presets


- step sequenced drum sample player
- 8 sample slots output to 8 stereo channels (multi-out)
- single-out version also available [new]
- plays 16 & 24 bit mono & stereo wavs
- 12/16/24/32 step sequencer
- velocity, hit probability and velocity randomness per step
- pitch and swing randomised per sample
- velocity sensitive low pass filter per sample
- global randomised swing
- samples 6,7 & 8 can be cut by any other sample or themselves [new]
- play samples through step sequencer and/or midi notes
- option of two trigger methods (GUI or midi) to switch erratic on/off or play partial patterns [new]
- save/load individual step sequencer patterns [new]
- audition samples from the GUI [new]
- 104 drum samples included covering acoustic, electronic, tribal & glitch [16 new]
- 58 presets [22 new]

erratic is a drum sample player with some added 'randomising' features to give variation on every cycle. The randomising is adjustable for each sample and can be switched off if desired. You can independantly adjust the randomisation of;
- hit probability for each of the steps in the sequencer for each sample
- hit velocity spread for each of the steps in the sequencer for each sample
- pitch variation for each sample
- swing (hit timing variation) for each sample
- swing on a global level (in addition to the per sample swing)

In addition, you can adjust
- hit velocity for each of the steps in the sequencer for each sample
- volume, panning and pitch for each sample
- minimum value for velocity sensitive lp filter cutoff
- global tightness (reduces the per sample swing)
- number of steps per bar (measure) 12/16/24/32
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