Forever For Now - Diatonic Shifter 2

Making Music

Diatonic Shifter 2 is a real-time diatonic pitch shifting and harmonizing Audio Unit effect. By leveraging existing technologies like CoreAudio, Altivec and SSE, Diatonic Shifter 2 offers a unique audio experience.

Key features of the Audio Unit include:

* real-time, low latency processing for live performances
* high precision post-processing for studio quality results
* truly diatonic in-scale pitch shifting, harmonizing and microtuning
* robust real-time pitch tracker with integrated visual pitch monitor
* four full octaves of pitch adjustment
* extensive user manual

Additionally, Diatonic Shifter 2 makes use of the industry standard generic Cocoa and Carbon graphical interface views for Audio Units offering a seamless integration into host applications like Logic Express and Pro, Garageband, Final Cut Express and Pro and Soundtrack.

Diatonic Shifter 2 is packaged as a Universal Binary, it performs equally well on PowerPC and Intel based computers. You will need Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) or higher to be able to use this Audio Unit.

You can download a free demo version of Diatonic Shifter 2 which is fully functional except for a small period of silence each few minutes.

The Diatonic Shifter 2 Audio Unit can be obtained for just $ 9,99.