Image Line Software - Deckadance 1.06

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From the homepage:
Deckadance is a DJ mixing application that works either as a standalone program OR as a VSTi plugin inside your favourite host. Deckadance itself can also host any VST compliant softsynth or effect.

You can control Deckadance using most (if not all) existing midi controllers & timecoded vinyl and CD systems.

Image-Line, the company behind Decka- dance, has more than 10 years of expe- rience in writing and managing audio software such as FL Studio. In develo- ping Deckadance, we didn't just bring in some consulting DJs to tell our software engineers what they wanted. Deckadance was written by a DJ (Argu) for DJs, so we are confident that it will take your DJing to the next level.

Deckadance Featurelist

64-bit DSP, high quality processing.

2 decks capable of loading MP3 (Id3v1&v2), WAV and OGG audio tracks

aufTAKT tempo analysis. for perfect syncronisation

12 outputs (6 x Stereo): master mix, monitor, deck a, deck b, sampler, vsti.

Seamless Looping / Cueing.

Unique Loop and Leap feature.

Unique Reverse and Leap feature.

Flexible monitoring options : pre-fader listener level, phone split (L/R).

Switch/vumeters for all elements.

Flexible crossfader modes (linear or curved w/curve adjustment, reverse).

Seamless "beat jump" functions.

-36dB to +12dB low/mid/high eq range control. Band kill of -48dB.

Auto-Sync buttons.

Auto-Slave to main tempo/host tempo button.

Auto Beat-Sync playback start.

Precise pitch control.

Crossfader embedded VU meter, auto-transition & deck punch-in control.

3 Band EQ with 3 Band killer buttons.

Deck accurate pitchbend slow/fast control.

Deck downbeat shift control.

Tempo tracking switches (for tracks with variable tempo).

Internal torque simulation with realistic mouse scratch/hold.

Effects :

- lowpass

- highpass

- bandpass

- bandreject filter

- 8 Tap 3D Phaser

- Variable 3D Echo/Flanger effect

- XY control pads

Playlist with virtually unlimited number of entries.

Automatic Playlist mix :

- common track crossfade

- DJ style mode! (it will beatmatch playlist transitions).

- SHUFFLE mode

Automatic Playlist recursive directory search.

Embedded right file browser.

Full drag&drop from external OLE applications

Song browser with search function (in screen resolutions of 1280 & more).

Bass crossfader.

Middle interface display: Direct help, Peakscope and Spectroscope.

Lot of samples and midi grooves provided.

+500 royalty free loops downloadable

8-slot sampler that uses the included samples

8-slot sampler samples from the decks and has with loop, beat sync,

Relooper that works with the predefined/included patterns

Fully editable "relooper" [reslice / rearrange loop in realtime].

wave & OGG loading and pitchbend support

Works as standalone or VSTi plugin inside hosts like FL Studio, Live, ...

Hosts VSTi softsynths & FX

8-slot VSTi host with midi database

Full timecoded Vynil & CD support for all brands

6 inputs (3 x Stereo deck a input tracking, deck b input tracking, mic.

Full low-latency vinyl tracking system with autolearn mode. Tested with

- Final Scratch

- Serato Scratch Live

- MixVibes


- ... (all others supported via a vinyl control record speed "learning" mode)

Vst host midi-in thru. (to control hosted vst's from external controller).

On-the-fly disk recorder.

Pitch control and tempo variation feedback calculated from vinyl
tracking relative speed, making bpm-matching a breeze with
turntable (or slave Deckadance to external controllers).

Midi Support :

Generic MIDI control support.

MIDI Learn with easy to configure function <-> midi control assignment.

Native remote DJ Controller support for :

- Behringer BCD2000 & 3000

- Hercules DJ Console.

- Hercules DJ Console Mk2.

- Eks XP10 Controller (native HID/USB com. for full device resolution)

- Vestax VCI-100
- Kontrol DJ

- ... more devices to be supported later.

Full monitor routing swithes for decks, samplers and vsti host.

VST And Standalone Win32 Versions. OSX AU versions planned.

Deckadance 1.06 (8th of May 2007) :

- Demo version reminder box at startup (5 seconds).

- Fixed bug loop size not changing on the fly.

- Fixed a few problems with vestax jogwheels.

- Browser listing and browser search new progress / cancelation box.

- Cursor files (arrow.cur and finger.cur) moved to skin folder.

- Playlist allows now item swapping and insertion of new items in any position.

- Playlist scrolling w/mouse hovering while dragging items.

- Playlist: new progress folder scan information box with 'cancel search' button.

- Demo limitation changed to volume-dropdown with low-level white noise.

- Auto selection of HID USB devices when detected (Eks XP-10, Kontrol DJ).

- Enhanced FX control on Mk2, the 2 joystick buttons now acts as full effect on/off
of each deck while joystick horizontal axis controls fx parameter.

- Fixed issue with host processin' buffers not cleared (plugin version, fixes Ableton
Live and maybe others).

- Fixed nudge-leds problem with BCD-2000.

- VST: audio process / process Events optimizations.

- Security fixes and overall source code cleaning.

- Minihost: changed default settings.

- Minihost: indexed ASIO inputs and outputs.

- Minihost: Auto-setup when selecting an ASIO device of all MIDI input / output device
settings, audio input / output assignments with deckadance control selection notification
for BCD2000 and Hercules MK2 (others will follow soon).

Price: 179 dollar