Modartt - Pianoteq to v2.0.1

Version 2.0.1 (2007/05/05)

Multicore rendering (for dual-core CPUs and hyperthreaded Pentium 4, can be enabled in the 'options' menu)

Receptor compatibility (distributed as a single dll in a zip file)

Fixed parameter automation

Stand-alone: added 'clear menu' entry in the various recent files menus

Stand-alone: output channel selection for ASIO sound cards

Stand-alone: metronome volume now adjustable

Stand-alone: fixed wav export bug

Pianoteq is the result of an academic research and results in what we call the fourth piano generation. This is the very first, and only, piano available that belongs to this generation.

First generation: acoustic piano (1698)
Second generation: electro acoustic piano (1929)
Third generation: sampled piano (1984)
Fourth generation: modelled piano (2006)

Feature Highlights
Responds in real time to pianist's interpretation
Sounds and behaves just like a real piano
Extraordinary playability and expressiveness
Advanced tuning, voicing and soundboard adjustment
Extremely small (8 MB) and fast loading
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Price: 249 Euro