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Forget MIDI sequencing, LFO modulating, and CV chaining, because nothing beats realtime human control in the realm of audio molestation. NOVUZEIT has realized this ultimately in a form of tangible expression known as Kinetic Visual Replay. Kinetic Visual Replay brings forth 10 individual audio FX units in one box. These FX include Bitcrushing, Scratching, Glitching, Granularation, and Metallization; just to name but half. Each audio FX unit has its own kinetic puck, which when moved about in realtime directly affects said audio FX unit's parameters. This makes controlling each effect unit as simple and fluid as possible... and more expressive than ever!


What good would kinetic control be if you couldn't see what was going on? Indeed, Kinetic Visual Replay's GUI is designed competely around this concept. Directly in the center of the GUI you'll find a large playfield where all 10 FX units' kinetic pucks reside. Each puck has its own representative colorized icon for instant ocular correlation. Each puck is tracked on screen in realtime, simultaneously. And most interestingly of all, the playfield itself acts as an image display! Indeed, you can load any 450x450 .PNG or .BMP image to be the background of the playfield. The fun doesn't stop there, as each loaded image can have its hue, saturation, and brightness tweaked by hand or by internal automation. You can make Kinetic Visual Replay's visuals as banal or as kaleidoscopic as you like!


Having the ability to control 10 individual FX units at once by hand isn't much good in reality (unless you're an octopus). However, Kinetic Visual Replay offers a very creative solution to this conundrum. Each FX unit allows direct recording and looping playback of its kinetic puck's realtime movements! Indeed, you can save your favorite kinetic movements as individual files, and then replay them with the ability to control the playback speed as well. You can reuse playback files from different FX units with other FX units as well, mixing and matching as you see fit. You can even share your kinetic replay files with other users as well. Ultimately, you can have all 10 FX units replaying simultaneously in one glorious convoluted symphony... or perhaps just a few at a time for sanity's sake. :p


If you really think there's nothing new to be seen in VST land, then Kinetic Visual Replay is the one that'll change your mind! Ten idiosyncratic FX units, a revolutionary control scheme, and a novel graphical concept all combine to bring something completely new to your VST capable DAW... at a price that can't be beat. Sounds interesting, but you have your doubts? Well, why not give the free demo a try first? NOVUZEIT is sure that you'll agree Kinetic Visual Replay is truly something innovative and useful in the realm of audio manipulation. Kinetic Visual Replay will help make writing music fun again!

The full version of Kinetic Visual Replay gets rid of the demo restrictions and includes 50 presets,
over 100 background images to browse, and the official (enhanced) user's manual.

Kinetic Visual Replay is currently only $30.00 USD.


  1. Anonymous20:57

    This thing is AWESOME!!!! Best $30 I ever spent!!!

  2. Good you like it. I haven't tried it though.


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