Piotr Pyrzanowski - keFIR 1.2 (Pc/Free)


Version 1.2 - 28 May 2007
- added automatic gain and length detection during IR loading, now keFIR will try to set best possible gain & length for loaded IR
- knobs are now more "readable", exact values are displayed (thanks sinkmusic!)
- removed libsndfile dependency, now keFIR has it's own wave file loader which support all uncompressed PCM wave formats (8/16/24/32 bit integers, 32/64 bit floats)
- lesser CPU usage

"keFIR" is a VST, zero latency, mono FIR filter based on impulse responses loaded from wave files. Filter length can be adjusted to maximum of 8K taps.
It has a "mix" knob for mixing input with output, "gain" knob for setting output volume level, "length" knob for setting filter length (you can also set the length by clicking right mouse button on impulse response). Adjusting filter length will linearly affect CPU usage, more taps used require more CPU power. User can optimize it by choosing proper filter length, for example some amp cabinet impulse responses have long tail of 'almost zero' coefficients which can be shortened without audible difference, to save some extra CPU cycles.
The plug requires at least Pentium 3 (it's highly optimized with SSE code) and Windows OS. Read more.