Puremagnetik - Analog Bass Volume 1

Making Music

Wet resonance filters, deep evolving sub-harmonic basses, squelchy 303 sounds.... these are all included in Analog Bass Volume 1!

Puremagnetik's Analog Bass Volume 1 is an impressive selection of over 50 multisampled programs direct from classics such as the Minimoog, Roland TB-303, ARP 2600 and the Doepfer Modular.

Recorded with the highest conversion standards, Analog Bass Volume 1 contains all the original warmth and character of these analog classics. All instruments have been expertly tailored to integrate into the Live, Kontakt 2 and EXS24 sample playback engines.

Minimal effects and post processing have been implemented to help preserve the original integrity of these amazing sounds. Live Macros and Kontakt 2 KSP panels allow for quick editing of common parameters such as Filter Cutoff, Pitch Envelope, LFO & Effects.

Format: ALP, EXS, NKI
Size (uncompressed): ~280 MB
System Requirements: Ableton Live 6.0.5, Kontakt 2.2.1 or EXS24 Compatible Instrument

Price: Subscription $5.75 per month