Sensomusic - Usine v2.85 beta (Pc/Free)

Making Music

New version (2.85 beta). Major Update

[2.84] Beta -07/05/25

New modules

-Markers module to access to sequencer markers.
-Soft Clipping module.
-New listboxes, and comboboxes interface design modules, with a new design
-A local synchro module, to set a local (patch or sub-patch) tempo. Now you can play grooves with different tempo. Very fun...
-Conductor module to access to the conductors lite commands with a ‘recall’ outlet.
-Get SMPTE position module, to read the current sequencer position.
-A precise timer module for a better communication with external midi synths, Midi clocks, etc.
-Is playing outlet in the sampler/ grain sampler.

New features

-New Midi implementation, introduces the concept of Virtual Midi I/O.
-Each track can receive Midi messages from up to 8 Virtual Midi Inputs
-The mixer adapts its setting to the number of audio In/out modules of the patch.
-Up to 8.0 channels audio buses.
-Mono tracks
-Global mute, solo switches on the dashboard.
-Creation of a collection of buttons on the conductor to recall a scene directly (by pressing them, or by midi learn)
-Implementation of lite version on VST’s (less CPU and memory): Drag & Drop with the [Ctrl] key. See the manual.
-A quick start manual (made by Vincent Michel)
-Multiple Key learn to increase/decrease faders or listboxes value.

Fixed bugs

-the Min value of faders is now correctly stored.
-the key learn now works with the numerical pad.
-the mouse wheel now become inactive when the control is not focused

Usine is a universal audio software especially designed for live or studio utilisation. Usine is made by musicians and audio engineers to respond to their specific problems in a lot of domains like live sampling, effect processing or sound design. Usine is a real musical instrument, flexible and powerful if you like to transform, resample the sound on stage (not only push the play button of your sequencer!), improvise and create unusual effect. Read more about Usine here.