SONiVOX - Broadway Big Band

Fable Sounds’ Broadway Big Band is an unprecedented and innovative virtual instrument. Up to now, it has been relatively impossible to simulate non-orchestral brass and woodwind instruments with the degree of clarity and depth which the music they produce demands. But Broadway Big Band changes everything.

The instruments in this product perform with unequalled ease and comfort, allowing you to use them as centerpieces of your composition or as a delectable spice for saucy flavoring. For the very first time, you can even bring a sampled Saxophone to the forefront of your mix, knowing it's actually going to sound like the real thing.

And the best part is that Broadway Big Band is not limited to big band music. It delivers the most authentic woodwind, brass, and rhythm section instruments available with unparalleled flexibility. So, whether you are writing Pop, Funk. Rock, Jazz, Latin, R&B, Hip-Hop, blues, or in any idiom that calls for great sounding instruments, Broadway Big Band is an indispensable tool!

Realistic Note Transitions

Note transitions have always been one of the main obstacles in creating believable sounding sampled wind instruments. Early on it became evident that a large part of the task in creating Broadway Big Band would be to find ways to address this problem without sacrificing the playability of the instruments. Crafting a solution to this problem provided the technological foundation of the product the revolutionary Broadway Performer™ software.

Every note transition was recorded, up to a Major 9th in both directions, utilizing various playing techniques for the transitions, such as Legato, Rip Portamento, Chromatic Runs, etc. The Broadway Performer™ serves as a master connector for this massive pool of transitions, allowing you to play and select articulations without having to think about what is going on behind the scenes.

Multiple Microphone Setups

Artistic and technical flexibility when placing your instruments in an appropriate environment is a key factor in realizing your artistic vision. That's why the instruments in Broadway Big Band were sampled with multiple microphone positions, using different microphone types, pre-amps and recording styles. This allows you to mic the instrument according to the needs of your production, just as you would if you were recording a live musician. Ultimately, Broadway Big Band leaves you free to make music by taking most of the work out of the process.

Musical Performance

Perhaps one of the most important defining aspects of an instrument real or sampled is the performer playing it. Broadway Big Band’s instruments bring depth of character without being overbearing. This allows you the ability to fully control the “un-real” musicians, and enjoy their sampled character, without restricting your creative vision.

Audio engine & System compatibility:

The virtual instruments of the Broadway Big Band™ series enjoy great reliability, high-performance, and system compatibility (VST, DXi2, AU and any Rewire environment), being powered by the powerful audio engine of Steinberg's newest HALion Player.

Sonic integrity, Flexibility, Reliability, Technological Innovation, System Compatibility (VST, DXi2, AU and any Rewire environment), and just plain Character are just a few of the many reasons the Broadway Big Band™ is destined to revolutionize the virtual instrument world!

Price: $2,495