Starplugs - Quantum Limiter Stereo

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Quantum Limiter Stereo
+++ Stereo Quantum Limiter +++
The Starplugs-Quantum Limiter stands for unperceptible level-limitation of stereo tracks. This tool leaves your mix untouched and guarantees a defined level with no distortion, no pumping, no ducking, no delay in the quantum range of up to 6 dB overload. Maximum limitation is set to more than 1000 dB. You will appreciate the Starplugs-Quantum Limiter in all cases of real-time mixing, mastering and editing. The pd quantum algorithm© of the Starplugs-Quantum Limiter makes all classical limiter settings unnecessary, this tool “listens” to YOUR tracks and “predicts” what will come to create the best level.
+no pumping +no ducking +no fades +no delay +no attack times+

* 1 sample reaction time
* audio related attack times
* audio related release times
* audio related hold times
* stereo link button
* output level meters
* gain reduction meter
* NOTHING to adjust !!!

System requirements:
Win XP PC - 1GHz or higher
Price: 29.99 €