Sugar Bytes - Unique 1.0.1

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1.0.1 Update now online!

40 new Presets (200 Presets total)

Delay Bug Fix

Many improvements especially for IntelMacs

Reduced CPU usage

New Demo Version Online

Unique is a synthesizer that is specialized on state-of-the-art vowel sounds and mighty analog keyboard sounds. Due to its advanced vowel filter mode and other stunning features, it is a real source of inspiration and keeps new ideas coming.

It just takes a rightclick on a control and complex parameter rides with internal and external controllers become a joyride.

The internal Multi Effect with two chained FX devices give the Unique sound the desired polish.


The direct and powerful sounding oscillators are the sound source of unique. The Triple Saw and the Triple FM algorithms cover a wide range of sounds, which can be achieved using just a few controls. The noise oscillator with inbuilt filter can be used in a tonal mode, the right choice for the vowel filter...

Filters and their modulators

The outstanding feature of Unique is the Vowel Filter mode, the actual intention behind this project. The oscillator sound can be transformed to vowel formants in many different ways. The juicy filters can also be used in classic mode, so Unique is fitted for standard situations as well.

Each of the five filters with an internal analog signal processing, has five individual modulators for creating interesting Vowel and Filter movements. The modulators can be triggered in many different ways, for example with the lowest note played, or the first note played or even with the sequencer clock or the arpeggiator. The internal LFO´s have fade algorithms for rate and intensity, one more stunning Unique feature. Read more.