Wavelore Instruments - American Zither

Making Music
Wavelore Instruments is proud to present its first commercial product, the American Zither

The Wavelore American Zither is among the first commercially available sample libraries that Includes TASCAM® GVI™ Powered by GVI. The use of the GVI engine allows a great deal of advanced virtual instrument programming without complicating your workflow during performance or composition. Even the installation of the library is quick and simple, as samples and sampler are unified in the install file. The realtime playability of the instrument rivals that of today's finest sample libraries and VI's, and as a source of unique and exotic sounds it is comparable to collections many times its size and cost.

Library Features:

* 24-bit audio resolution, using TASCAM's disk acceleration for lossless compression resulting in smaller file sizes, quicker loading, and improved polyphony performance.
* Approximately one-and-a-half gigabytes of samples, after compression of the original two gigabytes of audio data.
* Runs on Windows XP as VSTi plugin or Standalone mode using your ASIO drivers
* Recorded completely dry. Seamlessly integrates into your choice of virtual space.
* No loops; Samples decay fully and naturally. No truncation or extraneous noise.
* Approximately three-and-a-half octaves of playing range (A2-F6, or E2-C6), six velocity layers, and twelve round-robin/randomized samples per layer.
* Full implementation of GVI's iMIDI rules for realistic bends/vibrato, tremolo with speed control, and economic presets using just one velocity layer+spectral interpolation (Dynamic Expression Filter responding to velocity) for full dynamic range.
* Gigapulse resonance modelling with a variety of automation options in addition to the dry presets. Various resonance models are included as "shell" instruments, stackable with your other "Powered by GVI" instruments, offering user-definable sympathetic string and body resonance.
* Keyswitchable stacks using all articulations with all combinations of Gigapulse options.
* Expressive realtime performance capability.
* Integrated help files for the presets, engine, and Gigapulse models.

Key features of the GVI engine include:

* An easy to use, intuitive interface
* 16 Midi Channels
* Pristine audio quality up to: 24-bit / 96 kHz
* GigaPulse embedded file playback support
* Stack instruments on a single MIDI channel for layered sound or multi-instruments
* Windows VSTi or RTAS support Mac in development Summer 2007
* Multimode resonant filters and extensive MIDI modulations
* iMIDI rules like Legato, Alternation, and Round-Robin give life to sampled instruments
* Dynamic Expression Filter adds control over a sampled instruments intensity creating Expressive performances in real time.

Price: $79.95