Alex Zolotov - VirtualANS

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Alex Zolotov:
VirtualANS (ANS - the abbreviation for "Alexandr Nicolaevitch Skryabin", the great Russian composer) is the software analogue of the first Russian synthesizer in which the unique optical method of synthesis, developed by a scientist E. Mursin in the years 1937-1957, is used.

VirtualANS is a tool for creating unique fantastic sounds. You can convert JPG-images to the sound and and vice versa. There are different tools for visual transformations, three methods of synthesis during convertation (FFT and ADDITIVE) and possibility generate multichannel sounds (mono, stereo, 6 channels).

Just load your lovely JPG-image (sorry, some types of JPG are not supported at the moment) or draw a new. Select frame length. Click on the "RENDER" button and then on the "PLAY". Thats it. Enjoy :) You can stop any rendering proccess by pressing ESC key.

Demo version has one limitation - it can't save sound to WAV.

Price: USD 19.99