de la Mancha - entropy (Pc/Free)

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entropy is a 3 osc subtractive synth with a set of pitch randomising options to generate melodies all on it's ownsome
- change pitch of each oscillator on a tempo sync'd timescale to random pitch value
- maximum change +/- value is adjustable
- blip pitch of each oscillator at random intervals to random pitch value
- pitch change and blip can be quantized to nearest x semitones
- blip has adjustable probability
- blip maximum +/- value adjustable, duration adjustable in seconds
- route any/all oscillators to state variable filter
- route any/all oscillators and/or filter output to flanger
- blip flanger rate at random intervals to random value
- all randomising can be seeded and looped on 1 to 32 bar cycle
- each randomised parameter has a different seed, set from one master seed
- detune in octaves, semitones and cents
- adsr volume envelope
- mono/polyphonic switch with adjustable portamento