de la Mancha - kitchen sync 2.0 (Pc/Free)

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kitchen sync is a tempo-sync complex LFO that modulates 4 functions
- 4 state filter (LP, HP, BP, notch)
- flanger
- volume
- panning
- tempo-sync LFO with multiple waveforms modulated by second LFO and/or ADSR envelope
- both LFOs can be synced to start cycle by any midi note on message
- ADSR envelope can be triggered by any midi note on message
- 4 effects can be modulated: filter cutoff, flanger, volume, pan
- LFO 1 phase, depth and offset can be different for each effect
- LFO 2 phase, strength and origin can be different fo each effect
- ADSR envelope is independant for each effect
- LFO depth can be randomised each cycle
- full midi CC / midi learn
- plugin wet/dry mix control

update history
2.0 is a complete rewrite, gets LFO2, ADSR, midi sync, independant LFO settings per effect, midi learn and new GUI
1.2 adds mix wet/dry control
1.1.2 is a minor GUI change to add a custom scope
1.1.1 is a minor bug fix to the waveform selector and a cleaned up GUI
1.1 adds function to select between LFO, LFO invert and random, ability to type values into controls and smaller GUI footprint. Projects using 1.0 will not function correctly using 1.1, sorry