de la Mancha - Moot 2.3 (Pc/Free)

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moot is a flexible audio mute plugin with a number of additional features. The aim is to have a mute switch (Hit Me) that can be assigned to a single midi keyboard key and act in 3 ways
- as a latch (one press mute, release stays muted, next press unmute, release stays unmuted)
- in default mode (hold down to mute, release to play audio)
- in invert mode (hold down to play audio, release to mute)

The minimum and maximum volume can be set so that as well as muting, moot can act as a switch between a high and low volume
In addition there is an audio gate to chop the audio and a smooth control to add a small attack/decay between changes

release history

2.3 adds 'hot key' and midi CC support & midi learn for all controls
2.2 adds min/max volume and smooth, also now in stereo (was mono). removed pingpong
2.1 smaller, cleaner GUI
2.0 adds everything except Hit Me button
1.0 released as a simple on/off mute