de la Mancha - Subhuman v2.0 (Pc/Free)

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subhuman is a simple 2 Osc synth for creating low down and dirty sub bass, jus' like momma used to make

take it down a few octaves for that deep subby hum you want so bad

change the waveform of Osc 2 to add a little grit, make it wobble with the tempo-sync LFO and really dirty things up with some drive

- 2 oscillators can be detuned or sync'd
- LP filter
- ADSR volume envelope
- LFO with tempo sync, attack/release envelope, waveform select
- Overdrive for more dirt
- octave selector
- midi CC / midi learn on all controls
- mono/poly options with retrigger and portamento

update history

2.0 (Jun 07) gets a complete rewrite, adds midi learn, tempo sync LFO, LFO envelope, pulse width adjust for Osc2 and LFO, mono/poly options with envelope retrigger and portamento, ADSR in ms, sync osc2 to osc1, overdrive, new GUI