Devine Machine Software - Krishna Synth v1.02

Krishna Synth

Krishna Synth 1.02 Additions :

Both platform corrections :

- The movie menu now gives access to all 2142 movies.

- Corrected LFO noise behaviour when assigned to pitch.

- LFO Chaos range problem fixed.

- Refreshing of step sequencer on GUI when reloading fixed.

OSX specific corrections :

- Faster frame oscillator drawing .

- Problem on importing files solved.

- Knob value readout now works fine.

- Noise Oscillator Problem Solved.

The Krishna Synth has been designed to be a versatile instrument for both performance and studio recording. Its stunning new Frame Synthesis lets you import and build sounds from sampled instruments and synth waveforms—then modify the nature of those sounds through a huge set of DSP functions.

Krishna Synth introduces a new type of oscillator called 'Frame Oscillator', that works together with Frame Analysis Technology (F.A.T.).

Beside the Frame Oscillator, Krishna Synth provides 2 Analog Oscillators, created to emulate old vintage synthetizers, with optional 'oldness' factor and desync, which can bring life to your tunes instantly.

Five LFOs are built-in, with total routing capabilities, including midi out. They can also be used as additional oscillators to offer unlimited sound creation.

The on-board digital effects processor includes a Tube distortion with customizable cabinet size and frequency, and a High Quality Effect Chain with Phaser, Flanger, Chorus, Delay and Reverb, fully parametrable in depth, and easy to use at the same time.

Everything in Krishna Synth can sync to your host. Every control will follow your BPM, unless you want something different.

All play modes are possible: Legato, Mono, Unison with Pitch detune, Phase delay, but also random options, Time or Distance Portamento, Build-in Hold implementation, Distinct up and down values for Pitchbend range, as well as distinct up and down speed for it and many other options that you would be happy to see in other synths!
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