Eiosis - ELS Vocoder v1.1

els vocoder

* The filter bank has now two setups: 22 and 20 bands. The new 20 bands setup has no Low Pass and Low Pass filter, and different frequency settings, for a sweeter sound.
* The filter type can be 24db/oct or 12dB/oct : 12dB/oct gives a smoother sound, with less resonances.
* The ELS Vocoder now includes more than 250 presets to cover a wide range of effects and applications.

* The inverted switch for pitch detection on voiced and unvoiced signals is now correct.

ELS Vocoder : powerful and simple to use

The ELS Vocoder® faithfully reproduces the analog vocoder sounds that have been used by many artists in the electronic music history.
It also includes a wide range of rare and new features, which makes it unique, powerfull and simple to use.

Analog vocoder sound
The ELS vocoder uses the same filtering techniques that a real analog vocoder, which allows to get the same sound, the same precision and the same clarity than with "vintage" vocoders.
Its oscillators also use a synthesis technique which produces a sound with the same harmonic richness than real analog oscillators. Thanks to the ELS Vocoder oscillators, the vocoded sounds are clear and "organic" : you can almost feel the warmth that you could get with a real analog vocoder, with the same bass punch and highs precision. Read more.

Price: $279