FXpansion - Guru v1.1.280



** Gate, Shot and Trig modes should now trigger MUCH more precisely - no more sloppiness or dropped notes - this means you can do some very cool things with rapid-succession triggering of patterns (retriggering or switching patterns every 16th...)

** Linear Scoring mode - instead of smart-slicing by drum type, linear score maps the slices from pads 0..16 in the order they occur in the loop file.

** Single Layer slicing - instead of mapping multiple layers to one pad, in single-layer mode only one layer per pad is generated.

** New Split-to-16th-notes and split-to-equal-16ths options.
'16ths' splits a wave in to 16th-note length slices
'/16' splits a wave in to 16 equal parts
NOTE:- Linear Score mode is always active for 16th and /16

** Favourites is back. Click the '*' in the browser to go to the favourites page for the current tab. In normal (non-favourites) mode, shift+click a folder in the left-hand pane to add it to the favourites list; in favourites mode, shift+clicking a listed folder will remove it from the favourites list.

** When replacing a sliced loop's audio with a Kit, and playing the Kit with the resulting Score, the volumes of the hits are much more in line with the original loop, resulting in a much smoother sounding Score translation

** Much improved performance in the Loops browser

** Can now move the start/end points in PAD EDIT simultaneously (click between the carats)

** Pad Edit wave start/end carats are less fiddly to use

** SHIFT now toggles to or from selection mode in matrix editor

** When in select mode, and you click on a track lane, the pattern editor toggles selection on all notes in the track lane

** When in select mode, and you right click to delete a note, all selected notes are now deleted

** The link all browsers to same path setting now works

** You can now double click on a folder in the left hand pane of the browser to open it, rather than having to go to the other pane. This makes navigating up and down the filesystem much quicker.

** VST Midi Output now works much better

** Metronome intelligently supports non-4/4 measure structures -- w using a 12-step or 24-step pattern, metronome now clicks on every 3rd note instead of every 4th, as tripletted 4/4 is more useful than 16th-note 3/4. To get 8th-notes in tripleted-3/4, set the shift graph to +100% for the second triplet note or to -100% for the third triplet note. We suggest using engines 2 thru 8 (as they have tempo multipliers) with the multiplier set to 3/4.

** ALT ("Apply to all layers / Apply to entire engine") now works again in the Pad Editor. So you can ALT+click to assign all pads in an engine to an output, or all pads to a specific Cut By mode

** Right click to delete a layer works again

** Full MMC support in standalone (control the transport from your MPD-24 transport -- you DO have an MPD24, right? Surprised))

** Right click to reset a cell of a Graph to the default value works again

BUG FIXES since 279
** CTRL+click to reset graphs, pad edit parameters and mixer parameters now works.
** Host sync was not working in Digital Performer 5 in DAE mode. Fixed.

GURU combines the best characteristics of classic hardware drum-samplers into a unique, inspirational software instrument.

Integrating into your sequencer as a VST/AU/RTAS/DXi plugin or operating as a ReWire or standalone device, GURU's powerful 128-step sequencer with flexible tempo multipliers and groove adjustment features an intuitive and addictive interface with which to quickly write inspiring percussive foundations for your tracks.

The high-quality built-in effects and sample manipulation capabilities open new perspectives on your sounds.

GURU gives you the hands-on feel which you crave... record performances with the mouse or a MIDI controller, fire off sequences with a MIDI key, drop parts in and out and switch grooves on the fly. GURU is a complete sample worksation environment, ideally suited to live use or for intuitive composition in the studio.

Your beatbox dream come true. Advanced step sequencing, groove manipulation, sample editing, and beat slicing - an inspirational, all-in-one workstation. Based on an enlightened approach to drum loop creation, GURU makes building that perfect beat faster and easier than ever. Read more.