Homegrown Sounds - Astralis VSTi Synthesizer Pack v1.1

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Homegrown Sounds has updated the Astralis Synths to v1.1, offering some major enhancements and bug fixes. Tim Conrardy has programmed 16 patches for Astralis B, the Microtonal Patches can now be stored in any location, Fine controls have been implemented to all sliders, and a Pitch bend zone plus individual Pitch Bend on/off switches per oscillator have been added.

Astralis C which is the sample based version is now complete and in the final testing phase. It allows banks of any 16/24 bit samples to be used as the sound source and the release date is set for the 25th June at which time the Astralis introductory price will end.

* A Bank of 16 patches by Tim Conrardy added for Astralis B.
* Added Pitch Bend on/off per synth/oscillator.
* Pitch bend Keyboard range limiter so that only a specific area will be affected by pitch bend.
* All slider ends are now fine controls for moving small increments.
* Microtonal Patches can now be installed anywhere.
* All synths now display the correct version number.
* Register box now displays correctly.
* Arp now correctly stops all notes when switched off.
* Performance Optimizations.
* Blank template Banks included.
* Default Bank backups now included.
* Numerous other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

Homegrown Sounds:
If interplanetary excursions are your thing, you will love Astralis, a synth to loose yourself in. Astralis is packed with soundscaping features, an intuitive hands on professional sound design environment. Ideal for any style of music though particularly suited to Ambient, Psy, and styles requiring atmosphere. It is a tweakers synth though be warned whole nights can vanish very easily!

Aside from having 2 independent synths with dual and spectral oscillators, 2 cascadable filters (8x), 2 Modulation Sequencers, a Gate Sequencer (TranceGate), and a comprehensive FX section, Astralis also includes an impressive Microtonal Scale System. This system uses patches created using the included Microtonal Bank/patch manager. Custom scales of up to 24 notes can be created, and scale entry is designed with scala files in mind using either ratio or cent values. 160 patches are included as default including a wide selection of eastern tunings. Unlike many other microtonal systems Astralis does not rely on the pitch bend which remains fully functional.

Homegrown Sounds is known for producing unique pads/textures through its range of sample CDs and Astralis was designed to put this sonic creating power into the hands of the user, making complex sounds easy to produce and lots of fun in the process. The sonic potential of Astralis is huge and the synth has been painstakingly optimized. The user interface has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use, the controls being well organised in a logical manner.

The Astralis pack also includes Astralis B which is a single synth version with reduced CPU. Additionally a sample based version Astralis C as well as a standalone FX VST are to be added over the coming weeks. This upgrade will be free to existing license holders. Read more.