Humanoid Sound Systems - Scanned Synth Pro

Humanoid Sound Systems:
Scanned Synth Pro for Microsoft Windows is now available for purchase! This is the successor to Scanned Synth VST and adds many exciting new features, including:

* The Psycho! Button: antisocial behaviour in a button. This feature was requested by Trilby Temperley of The Resonance and should not be used by sensible people.
* A Polyphonic Filter with cutoff frequency modulation and pitch-tracking allowing the sound to be shaped naturally and untuitively as well as expanding the range of possible sounds even further
* An Echo effect
* Improved sound quality including making the distortion even more gorgeous
* Improved efficiency allowing you to run more synths and effects simultaneously
* A huge library of professionally designed factory preset sounds
* Randomisation profiles: presets that contain ideal settings (initial parameter values and randomisation amounts) to produce particular types of sound through randomisation, this enabling you to quickly generate a unique new bass or a dazzling special effect with just a few mouse clicks!

Scanned Synth package

Scanned Synth Pro is a commercial product and is currently sold at an introductory price of 75 Euros (99 USD at the time of writing). It is available at this price until the beginning of July after which it will sold for 90 Euros. We plan to produce a Mac version of Scanned Synth Pro soon.