Mackie - Tracktion v3.0.2.6

New Features:

Added support for Frontier Designs AlphaTrack

Added Virtual MIDI Inputs(create extra virtual inputs to use, allowing you to send several REAL inputs to a single virtual input, among other things)

Added support for up to four inputs per track

Added support for Channel Pressure (Mono Aftertouch)

Added assignable color for overlapping clip waveform(to help when lining up overlapping clips and telling them apart)

Added new plug-in compatibility file on PPC Mac to force plug-ins into a VST 2.3 or 2.4 compatibility mode(should help many of the Mac plugin interface issues)

Added support for text filters on Folder Tracks

Added outline to zoomed out clips to match collection clips

Added ability to add or delete a note in the MIDI editor by double-clicking with the arrow tool

Added support for up to eight CPU cores on the settings>audio tab

Added shift-click to select multiple files in the project tab

Added push encoder on control surfaces to toggle between discrete parameter states

Added support for F13-F16 keys on a Macintosh

• Improved the GUI by graying out the region beyond
the loop boundary in the loop properties display.
• Changed control surfaces to display state names from
• Increased resolution of automation values by adding
one more significant digit.
• Increased maximum track height from 500 pixels to
2000 pixels.
• Fixed a PDC issue with plug-ins that generate their
own MIDI or audio without a clip on the track.
• Fixed a PDC issue with Rewire followed by plug-ins
requiring compensation.
• Fixed an issue with Tracktion 3 not properly importing
Tracktion 2 tempo changes.
• Fixed issues where many plug-ins were incorrectly
shown in the ignore list on PPC Macs.
• Fixed issues where many plug-ins crashed Tracktion 3
when loading on PPC Macs.
• Fixed issues where many plug-ins showed a black
screen on PPC Macs.
• Fixed an issue where saving a template would also
save the edit.
• Fixed an issue where Auto Detect Beats was not
working properly for loops with a start offset.
• Fixed an issue where the "set loop start/end to clip
start end" command didn't work for looped clips.
• Fixed an issue where Alt+dragging a clip with a start
offset did not keep the other end fixed; the offset was
ignored and the whole waveform appeared to shift as
you dragged.
Note: Unfortunately, this fix is going to break edits
that use offset with a speed-ratio not equal to 1 if
the offset had been manually set instead of using
Alt+drag. The ratio must be reset to the appropriate
• Fixed an issue where the number pad and some other
keys would not work on the Mac.
• Fixed an issue where Alt+dragging a clip would
sometimes make the waveform disapear.
• Fixed a crashing issue that would occur when undoing
a MIDI record on a vertically expanded track.
• Fixed an issue where auto lock would not work for
VCAs when dragging collection clips on folder tracks.
• Fixed an issue where the vertical scroll bar wouldn't
appear when hiding/showing the global or marker
• Fixed an issue where the delay compensation was still
being applied during track renders when the plug(s)
that make it necessary are bypassed.
• Fixed an issue where moving one MIDI note would
actually move another when first opening an edit.
• Fixed an issue where renaming the clip would not
rename the source file.
• Fixed an issue where safe record mode could not be
stopped on the Mac.
• Fixed an issue where NI FM7 would crash on the PC.
• Fixed an issue where the change pitch drop-down
wasn't working properly.
• Fixed an issue where a Tracktion Sampler in a Rack
was not saving samples when archived.
• Fixed an issue with Nation Characters not working.
• Fixed an issue where Midi File Import did not import
the time signature.
• Fixed a crashing issue that would occur after deleting
a plug-in with a MIDI controller assignment.
• Fixed an issue where resizing multiple clips would
allows audio files to grow beyond content boundaries.
• Fixed an issue where "search keywords" did not show
projects in folders other than the Active and Library
• Fixed an issue where the right side of a track's signal
wasn't working when sent to a mono I/O rack.
• Fixed an issue where Tracktion couldn't record past
the 10 hour mark. The new maximum edit length is
now 48 hours.
• Fixed an issue where Alt+dragging collection clips
changed size in odd ways.
• Fixed an issue where unlooping offset MIDI loops
would revert to the wrong clip state.
• Fixed an issue where dragging collection clips would
result in odd-sized clips.
• Fixed an issue where Shift+dragging a note would not
• Fixed an issue where there would be odd cursor
behavior when editing time code with keyboard.
• Fixed an issue where Return To Cursor Start Position
wouldn't work for record.
• Fixed a crashing issue when clicking on the properties
panel with nothing selected.
• Fixed documentation links in Windows XP Start Menu.
• Fixed an issue where going to the Settings window
makes the hour glass and the color wheel spin for no
• Fixed an issue where pressing "T" to toggle the ruler
display launched the plug-in GUI.
• Fixed an issue where the filters in the master section
were missing the right-click options.
• Fixed an issue where I/O markers didn't remap
correctly when undoing a tempo change.
• Fixed an issue where adjusting a colour editor
parameter would cause an input device to lose its
"armed" status flag.
• Fixed an issue where dragging marker clips between
marker tracks might not behave as expected.
• Fixed an issue where automation on VCA folder tracks
would be hidden when moving clips.
• Fixed an issue where the collection clip selected
outline was not surrounding the entire clip.
• Fixed an issue where Alt+Arrow would switch to
the next tempo node change properties but not the
selected node.
• Fixed a QuickTime issue when playing beyond the end
of the QuickTime movie.
• Fixed an issue where MCU was not clearing its screen
properly when changing modes.
• Fixed an issue with rewind when using the German
• Fixed an issue where .prj files were not imported
• Fixed an issue where results in the loop browser
weren't sorted properly.
• Fixed an issue with unracking racks in the master
• Fixed an issue where the loop browser would glitch at
the end of playback.
• Fixed Final Mix issue with preset loading on an Intel
• Fixed an issue where Freeze and Normalize don't work
on an Intel Mac.
• Fixed an issue where Mackie HDR/MDR/SDR .prj files
were not importing properly.

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