MackTuesday - Orz v0.3 (Pc/Free)


Changes from 0.2.x

- Orz now works better in Sonar.
- Phase modulators were added.
- A bug that was causing the filter shape to display improperly was fixed.

Changes from 0.1

- Orz now works properly in Orion Platinum.
- New wave shapes were added to the filter.

Orz is a fully modular VST synth.

* a VST plugin synthesizer for Windows.
* fully modular.
* the first synthesizer to use TRAMS oscillator technology.
* capable of a sort of E-Mu-style morphing filter behavior.
* incomplete.

Orz features four envelopes, four oscillators, four delay units, four filters, four LFOs, four noise generators, two ring modulators, two step functions (also known as bitcrushers and amplitude quantizers), two sample-and-hold units, six freely routable user controls, and partial patch saving and loading.