Novuzeit - X-FX Series

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Ten classic audio effects, revamped and remodeled for the masses.

Pyschotic glitch, audio marauding hyper-distortion, sonic shredding psychotica... these are all nice things to have, and NOVUZEIT has provided as such in past efforts. Still, even the most experimental electronica enthusiast needs a little salt and pepper to go with their fenugreek and zedoary. As such, NOVUZEIT is proud to present the X-FX* series.

X-FX represents 10 high quality individual VST units (listed below) that offer traditional FX with enhanced control parameter options. For example, nearly every control knob on an X-FX unit supports its own individual LFO for self-automation. Most X-FX units allow tweaking of the left and right stereo channels independently (where sensibly applicable). And though these controls are powerful, they are quite simple to understand. That's because the X-FX units all share a common GUI aesthetic that is at once ocularly ergonomic, and also immediately comprehensible via clear labeling and descriptive tool-tips.

Below you will find screenshots and descriptions of all ten X-FX units, followed by individual audio clips, and lastly a try before you buy download (which contains demos of all ten X-FX units). NOVUZEIT is sure you'll be pleased with how these ten traditional mousetraps have been reinvented.

*X as in the Roman number of "10", as well as "X" in the sense of the algebraic variable representative of any substituted name needed.

The full version of X-FX gets rid of the random periodic silence and includes the user's manual.

The entire X-FX series is currently only $20.00 USD.
That's only $2 per FX unit!