- VB3 - Virtual Tonewheel Organ

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Main features:

* Full polyphony (183 notes)
* Virtual 91 modeled tonewheels generator with accurate phase synchronization
* Adjustable leakage noise and cross modulation between tonewheels
* Three sets of waveforms: Set H (American Electromagnetic), Set F (Italian Transistor), Set V (Red Tolex Transistor)
* Busbars and 9 key contacts simulation
* 17 steps drawbars
* String Bass with adjustable release time
* Dynamic pickup coil impedance loss
* Adjustable generator filters scaling
* Single triggered percussion with natural capacitor discharge/recharge
* Vibrato/Chorus virtual scanner
* Dynamic tube preamplifier simulation
* Tube overdrive simulation
* Spring reverb
* Smooth action volume pedal
* Stereo wooden rotary speaker simulation with artificial environment and microphones positioning
* Rotors brake position
* Adjustable background hum and noise
* Easy on CPU
* Midi controllable, supports VST automation

Price: Euro 39,00