Tascam - GVI v3.62

Giga Virtual Instrument:
New Feature in 3.62
• It is now possible to Import and Export all user-created Presets via the Organize Presets window. This facilitates exchange of Presets between users and the backup/restore of Presets.

Maintenance Items in 3.62
• Previously, if a keyswitched instrument was loaded onto a stack, those keyswitch regions would not be properly displayed on the virtual keyboard when the stack master was selected. This has been fixed in 3.62.
• Previously, after detaching an instrument from a stack, the remaining instruments could play back incorrectly. This has been fixed in 3.62.
• Previously, sending the MIDI message CC91 to GVI could cause incorrect playback. This has been fixed in 3.62.

Known Issues In 3.62
• For use with Ableton Live, GVI should be installed into the Steinberg VST directory instead of the default TASCAM directory.
• The GVI UI does not completely appear in Ableton Live 5.x when UIs for two instances of GVI are opened. This problem does not occur in Live 6.x.
• It is currently necessary to uncheck the Fast Bounce checkbox when bouncing a GVI track in SONAR.
• It is not currently possible to open the ASIO control panel of the Echo AudioFire 12 from within the GVI Configuration window.
• The SONAR 6.2 update is required to fix a problem with patch changes working in that application.
• At this time GVI is untested in Windows Vista 64.
• It may be necessary to re-run a host application’s VST utility for GVI to display the correct version number after a patch update.
• The GVI .dll file should not be manually moved. If it is desired to be in another location, uninstall then reinstall to the new location.

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