Tention Digital Audio - TDAe EQ2008S v1.1 (Pc/Free)

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The EQ 2008S is an 8-band equalizer with separate controls for each stereo channel, a range of +/-20dB and fixed frequencies.


• 8-Band Equalizer each stereo channel
• +/-20dB range each band
• Input pre-gain control
• Dry/Wet mix control each stereo channel
• Output volume control
• Initialize and random controls
• Value display for exact adjustment
• Support for 16 presets each bank
• 11 presets included
• Channel link control

Minimum System Requirements:

• Windows 2000/XP operating system
• Any VST 2.0 compatible host software
• Pentium/AMD CPU with SSE/SSE2 support

Release Information:

This release is donationware - see the imprint for more information!

IMPORTANT: This plugin uses the SSE/SSE2 instruction set. SSE is a physical feature of your CPU, all newer CPUs should support SSE; however, if yours does not, the plugin will not function.

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