Toontrack Music releases EZdrummer v1.1

EZdrummer 1.1 introduces new functionalities as well as providing essential bug fixes for all users and compatibility for the recently announced EZX-s. It is required for the Nashville EZX but is otherwise highly recommended for all users. EZdrummer 1.1 is available for both Intel Mac and PC in VST, AU and RTAS.
We ask all users to log into their Toontrack account at and access the Software update page to download. Revised documentation is included in the download.

New in EZdrummer 1.1.0
• User mixer presets containing pan, volume and bleed settings can now be saved
• Half/double tempo switch allows to preview grooves as half time/double time variants
• The position in the groove is now indicated by a blue pointer under the text in the display
• New graphics and scrollbar for MIDI browser allowing unlimited levels to be accessed
• Velocity sweep controls can now be set at 255 different values (doubling resolution)

Fixed in version 1.1.0
• Crashes when EZXs were changed faster than the graphics was drawn fixed
• Changing drum after closing and reopening GUI no longer causes host to crash
• Attempt at fixing a rare problem with the mixer closing x button
• Progress bar is no longer left empty if GUI is opened after the entire bank has loaded
• Minor alterations of MIDI syncing while host transport is running
• MIDI loops with NoteOffs events on the one of the next bar should now loop properly
• semiseq is disabled for softer gradients if the step to the next hit is greater than 6dB
• Leading spaces in an authorization code are now tolerated allowing ruthless copy pasting
• Copy protection more robust in relation to unconvential hardware configurations

dfh EZdrummer is a multi-microphone drum sampler designed for musicians and producers in need of a compact, affordable, easy to handle plug-in without compromising sound quality or control. Read more about EZdrummer here.