Topten Software - Cantabile v1.2 Build 1255

Version History

Version history, newest version first

13 June, 2007 - Version 1.2 Build 1255

* Fixes for a couple of minor faults - midi out not working correctly + removed redundant dependency on gdiplus.dll

12 June, 2007 - Version 1.2 Build 1254

* Support for multi-processor and multi-core machines.
* Ability to assign MIDI program change events.
* Improved MIDI channel map filter - can now map to multiple channels (channel copy).
* Windows Vista Compatibility.
* Fast Session Switching - re-uses plugins from previous session if also used in next session (Full version only)
* Increased number of Quick Sessions to 128 (Full version only)
* Added ability to save and load Quick Session sets (Full version only)
* New commands to load the next/previous Quick Session (Full version only)

Cantabile is a simple, easy to use VST host, MIDI recorder/sequencer and audio recorder.

Designed primarily for real-time playing of virtual instruments and effects, Cantabile includes a highly optimized audio engine to minimize system load and reduce audio drop outs.

Cantabile Lite

Cantabile Lite is a lightweight, simple, easy to use VST host.

It includes the same highly optimized audio engine as the full version and includes support for up to 4 plugins, ASIO and DirectSound support, audio recorder, MIDI recorder, MIDI sequencer, metronome, MIDI filters, MIDI controller assignments, on-screen keyboard and more...

The full version of Cantabile includes many additional features not found in Cantabile Lite, including support for unlimited plugins, multi-channel audio, plugin organiser, program organiser, improved plugin editor, morph and randomize tools, incremental saving, A/B preset toggling and more...
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