Transvaal Audio - Lost Technology v0.2.3 (Pc/Free)
Transvaal Audio:
"I have fixed a bug in LT that has caused wildly incorrect frequency detection in all versions since 0.2. It's a little embarrassing to have left a major error like this one uncorrected for months, but the lack of complaints indicates that few people expect/want LT to do what it's supposed to do anyway."
Other changes in the new versions are:

* New modulator function in LT that is sort of like the old Exp function but faster and better.
* Some code tweaks in the Analyzer that might reduce processor usage when the inputs are silent.

Lost Technology is a VST effect plug-in that separates incoming audio signals into amplitude, frequency and waveform (harmonic content) signals, modulates those part signals and then merges them into audio signals again. The plug-in takes two inputs and produces two outputs. The Analyzer component splits the input signal, the Modulator components combine part signals in various ways and the Synthesizer component merges three part signals into audio output.

Lost Technology is a VST plug-in that runs on Microsoft Windows (it should work on all 32-bit Windowses supported by your host application) and is released under the MIT/Expat/X11 licence.