VertexDSP - MultiInspector v1.2.1

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Version 1.2.1 - 11-Jun-2007
• The levels of the spectrum display are now scalable in steps of 10 dB with the Plus/Minus buttons on the right.
• New display modes added. You can now choose between 3 different display modes by a context menu at the top:
• H-Align is the already existing mode of the previous versions with horizontally aligned level bars.
• V-Align adds/aligns the levels vertically without space. This mode provides an instant overview of the frequency distribution of all instances. The height of the level bars is calculated according to the current level range which is shown at the top right of the spectrum display. In this mode the peak settings are without effect and the level grid is numbered only for the first instance. As this mode is intended for relative measurement the level grid always begins with 0 dB at the bottom.
• V-Space displays the spectrum of every instance in an own view. These views are ordered vertically.
The solo/mute switching controls and the memory slots can be applied to all views for selecting the levels to display.
• The default color set has been changed for better contrast.
• The timeout of the demo version has been increased from 10 to 60 minutes.

Based on the technology of FaderWorks and MultiInspectorFree to handle multiple dependent instances of the same plug-in, MultiInspector extends the usage of spectrum analyzers especially in multitrack environments by providing an easy way for simultaneous spectral analysis of several audio signals.

The first instance of MultiInspector behaves like a standard 31 band spectral analyzer. Additional instances automatically send their spectral analysis result to all other instances of MultiInspector. By default, every editor window of MultiInspector shows the same content, but there are numerous options for customizing the display content so that different views of the audio signals can be achieved. After opening all necessary plug-in instances it is sufficient to leave just the editor windows open you really need. The width of the level bars is adjusted according to the current number of signals that are selected for display.

MultiInspector incorporates a standard third octave frequency analyzer. The centre frequencies of the bands are based on the ISO 266:1997 standard (20 Hz to 20 kHz). Pink noise will appear flat in the frequency spectrum with the default slope setting of 3 dB per octave.

MultiInspector supports up to 16 instances at any sample rate from 32 kHz up to 192 kHz. Read more.