W.Grabowski - Samplelord v1.1


Samplelord 1.1 Hot Fix

Version with 16 stereo fixed outputs SAMPLELORD_16STEREO.DLL was not correctly recognized by host. It returned a message about wrong VstID and the number of outputs was 6 instead of 16. Build 566 solves this problem and problem is addressed only to this file.

In this release:

* Multiprocessing support of Multi Cpu and Multi Core processors.
* 1024 stereo voices of polyphony.
* New Medium Quality Mode (excellent for real-time use).
* Scalable windows (host must support vst size window implementation).
* Customizing of Interface.
* Mouse Wheel Support (host must support vst mouse wheel implementation).
* Collections - possibility of creating list of sounds from different source files.
* Drag & Drop of wave, aiff files into Samplelord's keyboard.
* Quality Mode switch on the panel.
* Global Polyphony Limiter.
* Double click in Instrument Panel.
* New buttons Prog Bank for selecting the patches.
* Several new options in setup menu: Disk Streaming Buffer, Multiprocessing, Polyphony Limiter, Mouse Wheel, Receive Program Changes, Display, Font, Window.
* Added Status Bar showing multi, preset and sample info.
* Added option Velocity Sensitivity for adjusting response to midi velocity.

Improvements and Fixes:

* Improved: Keyboard and browser scrolling.
* Improved: Colorizing.
* Improved: Support for Logic Audio, FL Studio, Buzz, Ableton Live, Cubase 4 hosts.
* Improved: Showing zones in the keyboard preview.
* Improved: Black dot cursor has been changed to arrow cursor showing the edit mode of knob.
* Improved: Naming of audio outputs for different hosts.
* Improved: Receiving of Program Change and General Midi loading can be set separately.
* Improved: Bigger folder selector for Root tool.
* Improved: Showing empty folders or folders without sounds supported by SL.
* Improved: Added info ERR: in instr. name when the file was not found.
* Improved: Real-time display of voices and leds do not make cpu overloads.
* Improved: Placing of color presets in 'Colorize' menu.
* Fixed: Visibility of fixed versions in Cubase 4 host.
* Fixed: Reading subdirectories in browser.
* Fixed: Saving of settings to ini file.
* Fixed: Giga Import (attentuation, volume boost, looping, keyswitching, round robin).
* Fixed: Halion Import (aiff files).
* Fixed: Kontakt Import (aiff files, looping).
* Fixed: Crackles in VSTi mode with non-standard buffer size.
* Fixed: Crackles in Standalone mode with non-standard ASIO buffer size.
* Fixed: Reading Samplelord presets from multi file.
* Fixed: Sequence of predefined colors was not remembered correctly.
* Fixed: Audio clicks when playing 24-bit looped samples.
* Fixed: Response for Sustain pedal.
* Fixed: Sfz Import (wave file, looping).
* Fixed: AIFF Import (reading of samplerate, markers).
* Fixed: Loading of multi files when preset name was longer then 20 chars.
* Fixed: Loading banks in 'General MIDI' mode didn't works with a one patch in a bank.
* Fixed: Clicks when hi-hats are exclusively played with very small release time.
* Fixed: Some setup options (Master Level, General Midi, Receive Program Changes, Quality Mode) were not saved into configuration file.
* Fixed: Cpu overload when clicking on menu/setup.
* Fixed: Cpu overload when drawing names of instruments when receving program change.
* Changes: Short names in Multi menu.
* Changes: Some changes in the graphics of interface and layout of buttons.
* Changes: New colors for Mute and Solo leds. Solo has red color and mute has yellow color.
* Changes: Previous "Predefined Colors" and "Colorize..." options are available from the one "Colorize" submenu now.

What is Samplelord ?

Samplelord is a sample player which can works as a VSTi plug-in or standalone application. It can loads different sounds in different formats and play them in real-time like sound module.

Main Features:

Ultra Fast Engine

- fast engine and very low CPU usage.

- 8, 16, 24, 32-bit, 64-bit sample support at any samplerate.

- supports Dimensions, Keyswitching, Cycle Ribbon, Cycle Random, Crossfading, Controller Switching, Controller's crossfading.

Dynamic Disk Streaming

- uses special Disk Streaming to load samples directly from disk even without a sample preload.

Fast and Direct Access to Formats

- it can loads GIG, SF2, FXP, NKI, EXB, WAV, AIFF files plus our Native Format and play them directly from disk.

- other formats can be imported using our Extreme Sample Converter software sold separately or in a bundle with Samplelord.

- no (re)conversion and (re)saving is done to HD during file loading, files are loaded directly into RAM memory.

VSTi Windows Plug-in and Standalone Version

- works under any host supporting VSTi plug-ins.

- works also as a standalone application under Windows systems.

16 MultiTrack Midi and 16 Stereo Audio Outputs

- it gives you 16 midi inputs freely configurable with its custom routing to loaded instruments.

- it allows for using 16 stereo audio outputs with full control of all multi parts with its routing.
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