Angry Red Planet - Temper (former Sequitur) v0.9.10 (Pc/Free)

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dynamic MIDI-oriented music editing and realtime manipulation

current known issues

* Occasional hang on startup.
* Crashing on some VSTs. The best way to manage this is by creating a custom TemperVST/ folder and filling it with shortcuts to the .DLL files of working VSTs.

release notes
Temper 0.9.10

* Added VST automation. VST parameters are available from the controller strip of the track editor.
* Added controllers to audio tracks.
* Added a volume parameter for the appropriate Temper FX.
* Added ability for controllers to be displayed in the song view. Use the visibility strip on the outer edge of the colour control for the desired controller in the controller strip.
* Reworked bussing, once again splitting it from the Groups. By default now songs will typically have a single Main buss (available from the Tracks->Add Audio Track menu) that all other busses route to. This is the only buss with an output to a hardware device.
* Misc fixes and improvements.


sophisticated event routing and manipulation

powerful MIDI editing environment

interactive algorithmic composition tools

unified MIDI controllers+VST automation

multicore audio engine

easy audio recording

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