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Ethnic and folk instruments from all around the world. Plus synthetic emulations and layer instruments. Available in 3 different versions: Ethnotronics, Ethnotronics Pro and Ethnotronics Pro XL. Powered by the sophisticated sampleplayer wusik-engine. A really advanced ethnic instrument soundtool.

After more than 2 years of product development we´re happy to announce our new product Ethnotronics VST, a sample instrument library with following content: Acoustic, Electric and Electronic World Instruments Sample Library plus Percussion Collection. It is available in 3 versions:

Ethnotronics, 1.2 GB

Ethnotronics Pro, 2.5 GB

Ethnotronics Pro XL, 4.9 GB

Powered with ws-engine sampleplayer (Windows PC) version WS1/2 and compatible with all ws-engine VSTs like TSW, Wusikstation and ManyOne. Three skins created by Bryan Cypher.
Ethnotronics is different ot other ethnic instrument sample libraries as it provides ethnic acoustic instruments in finest quality (up to chromatical sampled multisamples) but also electronic instrument emulations as well as synth pads especially designed for layer purposes with acoustic instruments for a modern ethnic instruments soundtool. Although Ethnotronics can be used as regular sampled instrument player the 4 layers plus the wavesequencer are offering a wide range of layer instruments which is very useful for all musical styles, not only for folk music. World music, film sound, pop, trance, traditional, crossover styles - that´s what Ethnotronics is made for. The 50-page "Ethnic Instruments Guide" eBook (PDF) with instrument informations and pictures is included.
Overall Ethnotronics instrument description:
Acoustic instrument multisamples, in-depth (length, mapping), several tone colors. Dynamics and performance variations, various playing positions, overblow effects (wind instruments). Separate instrument details: flageolet, slides, noise, tongue techniques (wind instruments), hit position (percussions) and special sound effects (rooms, hits, strums, plucks) and pure attack noise section (blow, pluck, etc.). Electrified string instrument multisamples (w/Pickup System). Physical Modeling and synthetic (analog, FM) instrument multisamples. Various Percussion instruments and hit variations (dynamics, position). SynthPad and SynthLayer multisamples for acoustic/electronic instrument mix purposes.
Ethnotronics content (1.2 GB):
This Ethnotronics version covers most as possible different instruments and nearly all of them are done in chromatical, semitones or any other close interval steps to provide authentic timbres. In many cases there are several dynamic, timbre and performance styles available. We labeled the both categories of this Ethnotronics version General Ethnic Instruments and Ethnotronics Synthetics.
Fado Guitar, Flamenco Guitar, Nylon Strings Guitar, Steel Strings Guitar, Dobro, Banjo, Psaltry, Harp, Panflute, Soprano to Bass Recorder, Dual Recorder, Primitive Trumpet, Bagpipe (Solo and Ensemble), Alphorn, Indian Flute, Bamboo Flute, Penny Whistle Saz, Dulcimer, Zither, Oud, Mandolin, Tremolo Mandolin, Buzouki, Austrian and Musette Accordion, Ney, Wind Chimes, Flute, Tibet Metal Bowls, Quena, Didgeridoo, Okarina, Oriental Orchestra, 12-String Acoustic Guitar, Koto, Bells, Tuned Percussion, Bali Gongpad Sets, Church Bell, Spoons, Metal Hits, Wood Hits, Stone Hits, Bansoori, Bandoneon, Bar Chimes, Kalimba, Asia and Romania Violins, Shanai, Egg Percussion, Thai Bell, Pedal Steel, Handclaps, Glass Hits, Shaker, Gong, Darbuka, Handdrums, Bamboo Windspiel, Metal Drum, Steel Drum, Xylophone, Rainmaker, Gamelan Bells, Bluesharp Friction Instruments, Metallophone, Temple Blocks, Energy Chimes, Assorted Percussion, Wood Sticks, Electric Buzouki, SynthSitar, ElectroKoto, E-Plucked, Instrument Models, FM Acoustics, Ring Modulator Bells, Electronic Percussion FX. Additionals: SynthPad, SynthLayer. Details: Blow, Pluck, Bow, Stick, Breath. Analog and Digital Synth Pads especially designed for Layer purposes with Acoustic Instruments.
Ethnotronics Pro content (2.5 GB):
The Pro version provides the complete content of the above listed Ethnotronics, plus following instruments and fx : 5 different Didgeridoos, E-Bouzuki, Accordion Basque, Harp France, Bansoori, Folk Clarinet, Cymbalom, Oriental Reed, Esraj, Kazoo, several Mouthharps, Santurian, Shakuhachi, Shanai, Stage E-Harp, Bar Chimes Kit, Dumbek, Gongs, Tibetian Bowls, Windspiel, Unscaled Bells, Bottle Blow, Electronic Bells, SynthEthnics, a huge Cymbals and Percussion Collection, Percussives, Tibet Temple Bells, Anklung, more Saz and Saz Chords and more of the Alphorn.
Ethnotronics Pro XL content (4.9 GB):
Same as Ethnotronics Pro, plus many extra in-depth instruments multisamples with a huge number of instrument details, performance and style variations. Instrument chords, phrases, slides and tone effects, some of the very bizarre. Percussion details like flams, rolls, dynamic variations, slap positions: Woodwinds, Accordion, Dulcimer, Panflute, 2 Acoustic Guitars w/Pickup System (classic/nylon strings, Ovation-type/steel strings), Glasses, Foot Taps, Bells, Metal and Wood Hits.

Ethnotronics Euro 79.00 Format ws-engine
Ethnotronics Pro Euro 129.00 Format ws-engine
Ethnotronics Pro XL Euro 198.00 Format ws-engine