Cakewalk SONAR Home Studio 6.2.2 Update

sonar 6

The information in this article applies to:

* SONAR Home Studio 6
* SONAR Home Studio 6 XL

Major Improvements Include:

* Improved hardware compatibility for CD ripping
* There were sometimes unnecessary dropouts during MME recording
* SONAR Home Studio 6 would sometimes crash when closing the Clip Properties page, or when renaming a clip
* SONAR Home Studio 6 now warns when no valid Wave RT drivers are present
* Audio Options dialog would not close when switching MME/KS driver mode with certain audio devices
* On some systems, accessing the File Menu would generate an "Invalid Argument" error
* SONAR Home Studio 6 now allows for a network install when using mandatory user profiles

Please note you must have SONAR Home Studio 6 installed in order to run this update.

In order to access this free download you must be a registered SONAR Home Studio 6 customer.

At their core, SONAR Home Studio 6 and SONAR Home Studio 6 XL feature the power of Cakewalk's flagship SONAR 6 paired with a feature set, price, and ease-of-use geared towards home studio owners and budget-conscious musicians.

New Features:

* Designed for compatibility with Microsoft® Windows® Vista™
* Core feature set based on SONAR 6.2
* Quick Start guide, Track Presets, Project Templates, and Video Tutorials make getting started easy
* Sleek new interface enhances ease of use and allows customization of views, colors, and toolbars
* New mixing console with per-track Sonitus:fx parametric EQ
* 10 new professional audio effects
* Active Controller Technology (ACT) lets users easily control and automate effects, instruments, and their mix from MIDI controllers by automatically remapping controls to whatever has the focus
* Rip from and burn to CD directly from SONAR Home Studio
* Automate tracks, effects, and instruments easily with enhanced automation tools
* MIDI Input Quantize corrects the timing of MIDI performances in real-time
* Freeze tracks, effects, and virtual instruments to conserve CPU power
* Native and fully integrated support for VST plug-ins, no wrapper required
* DropZone sampler with extended library of instrument sounds including a Drum Pack and Bass Pack
* Cakewalk Publisher lets users present and stream their music on the Internet
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