de la Mancha - black box slight disorder (PC/Free)

music making software

the black box slight disorder was found by pawn shop owner, Jesus "Buffa" Martinez, in the wreckage of a secret experimental gyrocopter that crashed landed in Times Square, New York on Friday 8th January, 1969. Buffa sold it on to an anonymous collector, thought to be a wealthy rock star in a band-du-jour and it has since been stolen, smuggled in and out of all 17 continents, used as a door stop, an assault weapon, integrated into the Soyuz Space Station, survived 2 assasination attempts and came 3rd in last years Big Brother. Although several theories have been put forward, no-one knows exactly how it works. Teams of scientists, engineers, conspiracy theorists and reiki masters have all failed to gain entry to this enigmatic box of tricks. What is known is that it will take an audio input and spit out a modified signal, seemingly using a system of things and other stuff that make you go mmmmmmm.

The rythmic, choppy, buffered and tempo sync output is especially pleasing on drums, but works for most instruments and vocals too. It has no controls, only a red LED display that runs from 000 to 099, each number would appear to change the algorythymic undertones that affect the things and stuff inside differently. Some of these so-called 'programs' appear to loop the effect, others don't. Sometimes the things are faster and the stuff slower, othertimes it's the opposite.

The original black box is now retired from public life, but de la Mancha was lucky enough to get access for a few short days and using revolutionary new tele-sampling techniques was able to bring you this perfect software emulation of the legendary black box.